How to visit Sauna 69!

We are open again after almost half a year!

According to the issued decree (194/2021 (26.IV.26.)), only those who have a protection certificate (plastic card or EESZT mobile app.) can visit the closed spaces for the time being.

This card or EESZT app must be shown at every entry. Plastic card or EESZT app is a must thing or you have to come from a country where you are already vaccinated, you have a certificate about it and there is a mutual acceptance agreement between the two countries.

Currently Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bahrein, Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Mongolia, Romania, Slovakia, Albania, Ukraine and Morocco. have this mutual acceptance agreement. This list is of course growing. Stay tuned!

All our equipments are ready for you.
This new situation is something we all have to learn and get used to. We count on your cooperation!
According to the new rules that apply to us, you will be asked for proof of immunity card upon entry , and proof of identity.
Fines can range from 100,000 HUF to 1 million HUF, with up to one year of closure.
Please help us in our work!

We are waiting for you with love!
Sauna 69 team